Why should I use Oracle ADF (Application Development Framework)?

Intention of this blog is not to explain Oracle ADF or describe what are features within ADF, as one can get lot of white papers on Oracle website related to this. I  see lot of people over internet getting confused while understanding ADF layers. They do not understand why it have so many layers (MVC pattern and business components/service layer) and find ADF to complex to use.

Architecture – Is it Complex?

In blog assumption is you are familiar with ADF Overview. Rather then explaining different layer theoretically (Basic understanding read – ADF Overview), I will focus on industry problems and explain how different layers fit in. Before moving to scenario’s point I would like to make – While understanding ADF, please do not see it as UI framework only. Oracle ADF is “An end-to-end application framework that builds on Java Platform, Enterprise Edition standards and open-source technologies to simplify and accelerate implementing service-oriented applications”. ADF is

  • Solution to build UI (in no time, have various CRUDQ UI patterns/graph, customization etc)
  • Have flexible architecture to support various UI – Middle ware Integration
  • Provide framework to implement business component or to integrate with other platform/technology/framework.

It would be easy to learn ADF if you understand the Framework Objective. One approach to understand can be similar to learning Spring – Understand architecture, Core, Different layers and then focus on feature you are interested More